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次の各組のAとBとの対話の内容が成り立つように(   )の中に入る文として最も適当なものを、それぞれのカタカナから1つずつ選び、その記号を答えよ。


A: Happy birthday, Tom! This is for you from us.
B: Really? (      )
A: Sure. I hope you like it.

ア Can I open it now?
イ Do you like this book?
ウ How much is that?
エ I bought it yesterday.



A: I went to Hawaii this winter vacation. (    )
B: Yes. I went there twice with my family .
A : Really? Where did you go?

ア When did you go to Hawaii?
イ Did you go there for the first time?
ウ Have you ever been there?
エ How long did you stay there?



A: Can I help you?
B: Yes, please. I’m looking for a T-shirt.
A: How about this one?
B:(    ) How much is it?

ア Because it’s very expensive.
イ I think it is easy.
ウ Thank you, but I’m just looking.
エ It looks nice.



A: What’s wrong?
B: I have a headache. ※headache=頭痛
A: (    )
B: I think so, too.

ア I’m fine, thank you. And you?
イ I don’t think so.
ウ You should see a doctor soon.
エ For three days.



A: Could you pass me the cup, please?
B: (      )
A: Thanks.

ア Here you are.
イ It looks good.
ウ Pardon?
エ I don’t know what it is.



A:It’s a hot day today.
B:Yes. (    ).
A:Oh, thank you. I want some water, please.

ア Could you open the door?
イ Shall we go swimming together?
ウ Are you hungry now?
エ How about something to drink?



A:B,have you finished your Japanese homework yet?
B:(      )
A:What? You are reading a book now.
B:Oh, I need to read this book to do the homework.

ア I don’t have any history homework today.
イ Yes, I finished it before dinner.
ウ No, So I’m doing it now.
エ Sure, I will have a lot of homework.



A:When did you come back from the trip?
B:(      )I stayed at my friend’s house after that.
A:I see

ア It took more than a day.
イ I’ll leave here nest Tuesday.
ウ I came back a week ago.
エ I enjoyed the trip a lot.



A:Next Sunday, Bob will have a party at home. Are you going to come?
B:Yes, I am. How many people will come?
A:(➊       )
B:Really? But I hear there will be more than ten.
A:(➋       )They have to practice on that day.
B:I see. I know they will have a big game soon.

ア I saw seven people at the party.
イ Bob says eight people will come to the party.
ウ The members of the tennis team won’t come.
エ You should tell more students around you about the party.
オ Some people will go to another party.

【解答】➊イ ➋ウ


A:Did you hear the news?
B:What news?
A:(➊     ).
B:Relly? that’s great news! I want to do something for him when he arrives.
A:(➋     )I think he’ll like it.
B:I like the idea.Let’s talk about it in our class.

ア Mr.Oka will come back to Japan next month.
イ Why don’t we have a small party for him?
ウ Mr.Oka will finish teaching our class next year.
エ How about asking him the date of the party ?
オ What kind of present shall we give to him ?

【解答】➊ア ➋イ


A:May I speak to Mai?
B:I’m sorry. She isn’t at home.(    )

ア Could you tell her to come back?
イ Do you want to leave a message?
ウ How are you?
エ Do you have time now?



A: Your English is very good. How did you it?
B: I went to a language school in England. I lived there with my family.
A:I see.(    )
B:For three years.

ア How long were you there?
イ When did you return to Japan?
ウ Why did you stay in England?
エ What time will you leave?



A: Have you ever been to Yokohama?
B: (    )My grandfather lives there.
A: Really? I’m going to go there this winter ,too.

ア No. I’ve never been there.
イ Yes, it will be my first time to go there.
ウ Yes, I’ve been there many times.
エ I didn’t go there last summer.



A: (    )
B: You should go to the Yokohama landmark Tower. It’s beautiful.
A: Sounds nice! I’ll it.

ア Tell me how to get to the Yokohama landmark Tower.
イ Where should I visit in Yokohama?
ウ Which season is the best?
エ How ling does it take to get there?



A: I’m hungry. Shall we go for lunch now?
B: There isn’t time. The meeting is about to start.
A:(     )
B:That’s right. Let’s hurry. Everyone must be waiting.

ア Why will we be late for the meeting?
イ When did it start?
ウ What? No lunch today?
エ Where would you like to eat?