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(9)あなたは週末の過ごし方について、「出かけること(=to go outside)」または、「家にいること(=to stay at home」とでは、どちらが好きですか?理由を含めて20語以上での英語で書け。


(1)I like summer the best because I like swimming in the sea.
(2)I want to be a teacher because I like children very much.
(3)I like blue the best because I lkie the color of sky.
(4)I belong to the tennis club. I like to play tennis with them after school because I have a lot of friends in the club.
(5)I like soccer the best of all the sports. I play it in the park near my house every Sunday.
(6)I like tennis very much. I am a member of the tennis club in my school. It is fun for me to play tennis.
(7)I like reading books. I read a book after dinner every day. Reading books teaches us a lot of things.
(8)I like going to the mountains better than going to the sea. I like climbing mountains. I feel happy when I reach the top of the mountain.
(9)I like to go outside on weekends.I like to play baseball with my friends in the park. And playing baseball is fun for me.
(10)My best memory is the soccer club.I was a member of the soccer club. It is a lot of fun for me to play soccer. I am able to learn many things from soccer.


(1)like A the best → Aが一番好きとなる
(2)want to be A → Aになる。
(3)A of B → BのA
(4)belong to → 所属する
(5)the best of all the 複数名詞 → すべての「複数名詞」の中で一番
(6)a member of ~の一員 / It is 形容詞 for 人 to 不定詞
(7)Aing ~ ~Aすることは / teach A B (AをBに教える)= teach B to A
(8)I like A better than B 私は、BよりAが好き / feel 形容詞 形容詞と感じる
(9)like to =Like ~ing は~することが好き。
(10)It is 形容詞 for 人 to 不定詞 ~にとって~することは、形容詞だ。