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(1) I have an uncle who lives in Osaka.

(2) She likes people who are kind to everyone.

(3) The girl who is playing the piano is Nancy.

(4) Do you know the boy who is running over there ?

(5) The people who were cleaning the park were volunteers.

【問2】次の2つの文を,関係代名詞 which を使って1つの文にするとき、(   )に適する語を書きなさい。
(1) He has a dog. It swims well.
He has a dog (   )(   )well.

(2) They want a house. It has five rooms.
They want a house(   )(   )five rooms.

(3) I’m reading a book. It is written about the stars.
I’m reading a book(   )(   ) written about the stars.

(4) Those robots are very popular. They walk like us.
Those robots(   )(   )like us are very popular.


(1) 私は、大阪に住んでいるおじいます。

(2) 彼女は、だれにでも親切な人が好きです。

(3) ピアノをひいている少女はナンシーです。

(4) あなたは、むこうを走っている少年を知っていますか?

(5) 公園の掃除をしていた人々はボランティアでした。


(1) which swims

(2) which has

(3) which is

(4) which walk

(解説) あとの文の主語を which にかえて,前の文の名詞(=先行詞)に続ける。