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➋If+主語+動詞,主語+will+原形動詞=命令文,and+主語+will+原形動詞 / If+主語+否定文,主語+will+原形動詞=命令文,or+主語+will+原形動詞
➌最上級=than any other+単数名詞(ほかのどの~より)


次の各組の英文が同じ意味をあらわすように、(   )に適語を1語ずつ入れなさい。

(1)English is interesting to me.
 =I am interested(   )English.

(2)Shall we play baseball?
 =(   )play baseball.

(3)If you hurry up, you will catch the train.
 =Hurry up,(   )you will catch the train.

(4)Mari is the fastest swimmer in his class.
 =Mari swims faster than (   )other student in his class.

(5)This book is too difficult for us to understand.
 =This book is so difficult that we(   )understand it.

(6)I have never heard such a bad word.
 =This is (    ) (    ) word that I have ever heard.

(7)After reading a newspaper, Tom has breakfast.
 =Tom (    ) a newspaper (    ) breakfast.

(8)My brother didn’t understand anything about it.
 =My brother (    ) (    ) about it.

(9)I don’t know his name.
 =I don’t know who (    ) (    ).

(10)Can you tell me how many students this school has?
 =Can you tell me the (    ) of students in this school?

(11) My brother plays baseball.
 =My brother is a good (    ) (    ).

(12)This book is easier than that book.
 =That book is (    )(    ) than this book.

(13)She wrote the letter.
 =The letter (    ) (    ) by her.

(14)I was so tired that I couldn’t study last night.
 = I was(    )tired(    )study last night.

(15)My father can’t use the computer.
 = My father doesn’t know (    ) (    ) use the computer.


(6)the , worst
(7)reads , before
(8)understood , nothing
(9)he , is
(11)baseball , player
(12)more , difficult
(13)was , written
(14)too , to
(15)how , to